Dialysis Physician in Ahmedabad

Dr. Saurin Dalal is Dialysis Physician in Ahmedabad Where Dialysis is a major technological advance in modern medicine that makes it possible for people to survive despite complete and permanent kidney failure. In HAEMODIALYIS, your blood is drawn out of the body and flows through a combination of filters and fluid mixtures that removes toxins from the blood. The dialysis machine can be set to remove fluid from the blood stream with minimal damage to blood cells or loss of other important blood components. Haemodialysis needs to be done three times weekly and each session lasts 4 hours.

In PERITONEAL DIALYSIS, fluid is infused into the space surrounding your bowels and abdominal organs. The fluid then "mixes" with the surrounding blood across vessels with the effect of drawing toxins and excess fluid out when the fluid is drained. Peritoneal dialysis exchanges must be performed 4 times daily. Each exchange generally lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes.